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Saint Paul’s Parish, Whiteinch
St Paul’s is Parish of the Archdiocese of Glasgow A Designated Religious Charity, Number SC018140

Priests who have served in St. Paul’s

*Denotes R.I.P. at today’s date

#Denotes service as Parish Priest

*#Rev. Andrew Lynch - Biography 1903-05

*#Very Rev. Dean Alphonsus Ooghe - Biography 1905-14

*Rev. Joseph Murray  - Photograph

*#Very Rev. Angus Canon Mackintosh  - Biography 1914-33

*Rev. C Doherty - Photograph

*Rev. W. McGee 

*Rev Thomas Keane  [Later Parish Priest]

*#Very Rev Peter Canon Bonnyman - Biography 1933-42

*Rev. S. Cullen 

*Rev. Thomas Glen - Photograph

*Rev. Samuel Lavery [Later Canon]  - Photograph

*#Rev. David Quigley  - Biography 1942-59

*#Rev Thomas Keane [Later Canon]

*Rev. John McGuckin [Later Monsignor and also Canon]  - Photograph

*Rev. Sean Bennet [Later Canon]  - Photograph

*Rev. John McAveety 

*Rev. Brendan Moriarty 

*Rev. Joseph Kerr  - Photograph

Rev. Peter Moran [Later Bishop of Aberdeen] - Photograph - Links

*Rev. John B. Byrne

*Rev. Patrick Comerford CSSp 

Rev. David Trainer

Rev. Brian McNaught

*Very Rev. Gerard Canon Hart  -1981

*Rev. James Simcox [Later Canon]

*Rev. William Murphy 

Rev. John D . McGinley

Rev. Joseph Dunne

*Right Rev. Mgr James McMahon [Later also Canon] Obituary - 1981-87

*Rev. Andrew Hosie 

Rev. John Kay

*Rt. Rev. Mgr John Sheridan - Photograph - Funeral Liturgy - Obituary 1987-2000

Rev. Joseph McNulty

Rev. Neil McGarrity

#Rev. William Mone 2000-04

*#Rt. Rev. Mgr. James Canon Clancy, VG 2004-Photograph - Obituary

#Rev. Joseph Lappin -2014

#Rt. Rev. Mgr. Peter Canon Smith [see also deacons] 2014-

Rev. Nicholas Nicholas Afriyie [On loan from Goaso, Ghana] 2016-2018

Rev. Andrew McGowan 2018 -

Deacons who have served in St. Paul’s

Rev. Peter McBride [Later Canon]

Rev. Michael Sharkey

Rev. Peter Smith [Later Parish Priest of St. Paul’s, Monsignor and also Canon]

Rev. John McGinley

Rev. Andrew McKenzie [Later Canon]

Rev. Thomas Morrison [Permanent Deacon]

Rev. Andrew McGowan